Hi guys.. It as been so long... I have decided to open a little blog. You will find only recolors of Sims2 objects.. Since i never had the time to learn on how to mesh.. I am not giving up tho.. I will be adding all the recolors that was found on Mimi's Creation Mall and some new ones.. Look around and hope you enjoy!!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Hi guys.. we are all in a panic mode .. since SimsCave and The Booty is down... Expecting both sites working soon..  I have been looking everyday to see if both link are functional no luck yet.

You have any worries please visit SimsCave Tumblr  

Please comment if you have any new.. 

Thanks Mimi   xoxoxox

Hello again.. Ok I am missing so many files and before any of you will ask me on where i can find these or get these.. I will be sharing the files.. till I can share them.. Know that I don't come on this blog often.. I just got my Sims 2 installed again.. but haven't played yet.. Just busy with life and work.

So here it is

This is the Louisiana complet set..

you will find these files  under sdb in the download file bellow

Louisiana Bathroom 

Louisiana Bedroom set

You will find this under Chambre Louisiana in the download file bellow

Louisisana Kitchen

You will find this under Cuisine Louisiana in the download file bellow

Louisiana Dining Room

You will find this under Salle a manger Louisiana in the download file bellow

Louisiana Living room

You will find this under  Accessoires  Louisiana in the download file bellow

Louisiana Living Room

You will find this under Salon Louisiana in the download file bellow

Here is the  Louisiana Complet Set!

Thanks for stopping by.. If you have any questions please comment  will be more then happy to help.. I am adding these files since we can't find them anymore!

Hi guys.. 

I haven't been around on my blog for a long long time.. I haven't played the Sims due to computer problems with the Sims.. Since I have lost all my files on my computer and my external hard drive.

I surely miss the Sims 2 a lot.. I will try to find all the files missing and reload them.

Sorry for all the trouble.. Hope I can add more recolors if my computer don't freak out on me again lol

Any questions please leave a comment down bellow.

Thanks a bunch.. and lets have fun playing.

Mimi  xoxoxox

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sorry Everyone... I haven't post in a long time.. I have been helping my hubby with his new business.. so I haven't got any free time.. I will try to post more files shortly and will fix some of them ... Some files from the Design Avenue are missing.. I am not at home and won't be before Wedmesday late in the afternoon!!! Sorry for the long delay... i know some of you are looking for some missing files

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Celtic Blues 47 Recolors of Mango Graffiti Rug

Hi guys.. Christmas is almost here... I am leaving in 2 days to be with my family.. can't wait!!!!

I found some recolors of Mango Graffiti Rug I did in may 2012. I know.. again rugs..Well I thought I would share them anyway.. lol.. 

Here are my recolors

Recolor 1

Recolor 2

Recolor 3

Recolor 4

Recolor 5

Recolor 6

Recolor 7

Recolor 8

Recolor 9

Recolor 10

Recolor 11

Recolor 12

Recolor 13

Recolor 14

Recolor 15

Recolor 16

Recolor 17

Recolor 18

Recolor 19

Recolor 20

Recolor 21

Recolor 22

Recolor 23

Recolor 24

Recolor 25

Recolor 26

Recolor 27

Recolor 28

Recolor 29

Recolor 30

Recolor 31

Recolor 32

Recolor 33

Recolor 34

Recolor 35

Recolor 36

Recolor 37

Recolor 38

Recolor 39

Recolor 40

Recolor 41

Recolor 42

Recolor 43

Recolor 44

Recolor 45

Recolor 46

Recolor 47

(Mesh Included)

Enjoy and happy Simming!!!