Hi guys.. It as been so long... I have decided to open a little blog. You will find only recolors of Sims2 objects.. Since i never had the time to learn on how to mesh.. I am not giving up tho.. I will be adding all the recolors that was found on Mimi's Creation Mall and some new ones.. Look around and hope you enjoy!!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Hi guys.. 

I haven't been around on my blog for a long long time.. I haven't played the Sims due to computer problems with the Sims.. Since I have lost all my files on my computer and my external hard drive.

I surely miss the Sims 2 a lot.. I will try to find all the files missing and reload them.

Sorry for all the trouble.. Hope I can add more recolors if my computer don't freak out on me again lol

Any questions please leave a comment down bellow.

Thanks a bunch.. and lets have fun playing.

Mimi  xoxoxox

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