Hi guys.. It as been so long... I have decided to open a little blog. You will find only recolors of Sims2 objects.. Since i never had the time to learn on how to mesh.. I am not giving up tho.. I will be adding all the recolors that was found on Mimi's Creation Mall and some new ones.. Look around and hope you enjoy!!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Good Day Simmers.. I am working on some recolors of Tinhouse Vallene New Set.

Really having fun with this set.  So here is preview.. I need to get some pics on my computer and finish some of the recolors.. I will upload them as soon as I can.. Please let me know what you think.

The pictures are not the best.. Previews on SimPe.. Please let me know what you think.. Always good to know what you guys think or want.

Here is a pic of the Real Meshes.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I guys I fix the link my recolors of the pillows Summer in India.. 

Sorry I was probably tired when I did it and linked the Download to Black Pearl Sims..

Sorry again.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Crissi's Hangout Molding Recolors

Hi guys.. me again lol.  I found that beautiful Set At Cherry Blossoms Forum.

I Recolored the Molding part of Crissi's Hangout
you will find more then 50 recolors.

All Credit goes to OhBehave.

You can get the mesh Here

Here is the Actual Picture o the mesh

Here are my Recolors.. The pictures are not the best..
I use my laptop .. so crappy pics.

I hadded 2 more doors so i don't have any pictures ingame.
I thought it would be easier to tell you wich number goes to what molding lol.

Enjoy And Happy Simming!!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Good Day Bloggers,

Well I have been doing a lot of thinking lately.. I need some change in my life mostly in my career.. if I can call what i do a Career lol..

 I have been working in retails mostly all my life.. Grocery store mainly.. I have been a butcher.. a cashier.. a lead cashier.. a manager.. an assistant manager.. a deli team member.. a deli team leader.. a carpenter.. a plasterer.. a tiler.. and a painter (painting houses).. Now getting ready for becoming a nurse.. but don't really know if it is what i want to do.. lots of studies and will I get there.

 I am not really happy with where i am right now.. I am almost 50 years old and never was able to do really what I want. or not really knew what i wanted to do.. You know as a mother, my priority was to take care of my family..

 I was raise the old fashion way.. men work and women takes care of the house and kids..
 I always had a certain love for wood and old things that have no purpose. Knowing that these pieces have a long history...I found this little blog.   Dishfonctional Designs .. and i really got inspired..

Creating or giving a new purpose to old stuff.. this is what i want to do.. would be cool to enjoy myself for once in life..

Would like to integrate my love of antiques with my love of nature.. Hey.. time to get some ideas and get some stuff done.

Well this was my thought of the day..

Hope your having a great day and talk to you guys soon.


Monday, May 7, 2012

An Other Recolor of MysticRain Earth Livng Pillow

Hi guys I did these few weeks ago.. thought i would share them with you.

Some Recolors or Earth Living Pillow.  

Don't forget the mesh at Black Pearl Sims.
You have to register to get the mesh!!!

This is a pic of MysticRain Mesh

These are my Recolors

Enjoy and Happy Simming!!!!

Recolors of Mira Spring Curtains

Here are other recolors I did a long time ago but never uploaded them.  I love Mira Spring Set and was never able to find the recolors I wanted.. So here is 29 of them..Hope you like them!

Mesh not included.. get them at Cherry Blossom

All Credit to Mira for her wonderful mesh.

Here is a picture of the mesh and set.
Here are my recolors 
2 first pic.. in game.. sorry they are crappy
 I took them from my old laptop.

Enjoy and Happy Simming!!!!

A recolor of Anye Dresser for me

Hi guys.. I have been home and sick for the last 3 days .. Being in bed.. I have some time to upload some of my recolors I did a long time ago.

Here is a recolor I did from a request I posted at Pink Box forum.  Anye is just wonderful and her meshes to die for.  Thanks again Anye for taking my request ..

You can find our wonderful work at Pink Box Forum and Pink Box Design.

Here is a picture of the mesh

My Recolor

Enjoy and Happy Simming!!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I guys.. Here some placemats from Oh Behave's Junk Trunk

This is the picture of the mesh.

My Recolors

Emjoy and Happy Simming!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Summer In India

More Recolors of MysticRain Earth Living Pillow.

I made 53 recolors in indian fabrics.. Hope you like them

I just fixed the download link.. Sorry about that.. it was link to Black Pearl Sims Forum.

Don't forget the mesh at Black Pearl Sims

Enjoy and Happy Simming!!!!