Hi guys.. It as been so long... I have decided to open a little blog. You will find only recolors of Sims2 objects.. Since i never had the time to learn on how to mesh.. I am not giving up tho.. I will be adding all the recolors that was found on Mimi's Creation Mall and some new ones.. Look around and hope you enjoy!!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

25 Recolors of Sims Divine Hayley Chair

Good day Simmers,

Since I am sick again.. I had some time going through some of my old Sims2 files and old recolors.
I found this Chair from Sims Divine.. 

I made 25 Recolors of The Hayley Chair.. Really cute chair.
There is 2 recolor 7 ( one rec 7 and one rec 7a  same pattern just one smaller)
The pictures of the recolors are from SimpE not from in game.. 
Will add shortly some in game pictures.

A Big Thank you to Sims Divine for this great mesh.

Since the mesh is not available to Sims Divine it will be available here.

So here are my Recolors

Recolor 1

Recolor 2

Recolor 3

Recolor 4

Recolor 5

Recolor 6

Recolor 7

Recolor 7a

Recolor 8

Recolor 9

Recolor 10

Recolor 11

Recolor 12

Recolor 13

Recolor 14

Recolor 15

Recolor 16

Recolor 17

Recolor 18

Recolor 19

Recolor 20

Recolor 21

Recolor 22

Recolor 23

Recolor 24

Enjoy and Happy Simming!!!

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